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App nameJohnny Trigger
Latest version1.7.1
Content Rating

PEGI: 12+

Moderate Violence



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What's new

Updated Johnny comes with:

• Johnny Base! Open the rooms with keys, upgrade them with hammers and unlock exclusive bonuses!

• Base guns and outfits: keep upgrading rooms to unlock unique, themed gear.

• Bonus level: amusement park! Good place to find gems, keys and hammers!


Apple Store

4.8 / 5


Google Play Store

4.5 / 5


Apple Store
  • IOverWrite 2020-02-23

    The idea of this game is great, it is simple and fun. However, it has problems. Let’s talk about level design. The level’s are, in my opinion, way too short. I like my games to be difficult. And having a checkpoint between every bit of danger makes me feel like the game is holding my hand.
  • Net-Works2020-01-27

    I saw this game in a couple of ads and said why not get it. I was hooked once I downloaded it. However the ads where all over the place and started to get annoying. I turned on airplane mode and continued to play it. Throughout the stages I could clearly see copy and past levels.
Google Play Store
  • Kamaljeet Singh2020-03-29

    Just started playing and the game looks like fun but after completing some levels, you get a suit upgrade which is available only after clicking the get icon. And the button doesn't function. In the end you need to lose it in order to progress in the game.
  • Justin Mclean2020-03-27

    Disliked the amount of ads in the free version and has a quality that is what I would say is replayable, but lacks in standards of mechanics where the spin of the character is randomized rather that specific to the jump and effect of gravity in relation to said jump.

Play logs


Reach level 1215 at April Fools! ! And get a thunder gun such as VOLTFORCE. ^^♪

Johnny Trigger