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Oil that should be taken positively! Omega 3 【Flaxseed oil】


1. What is Flaxseed oil?

Oil extracted from flaxseed seeds.

The content of α-linolenic acid is 50-60%, which is one of the top class oils, so you can get plenty of omega 3 that tends to be deficient, and it is a popular oil that you can see in supermarkets!

Oil that we especially want people with any allergies to take positively!!

Flaxseedoil fatty acid
Main fatty acids α-linolenic acid
Cooking No heating (eat raw)
Storage method Refrigerate
Taste / Aroma / Texture A little thick and astringent like walnuts
Fat-soluble vitamins VitaminA, VitaminE
Phytochemicals Pinoresinol, lariciresinol, secoisolasilesinol, β-carotene

2. Effect of flaxseed oil

For prevention and relief of allergies!

Prostaglandin E3, a substance produced from α-linolenic acid via EPA in the body, has an allergy-suppressing effect!

Therefore, it is also effective in improving hay fever and atopy!

Smooth blood!

It improves the balance of cholesterol in the blood and makes the blood smooth, so it is effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases.

Anti-cancer effect!

Lignan, a phytoestrogen contained in flaxseed oil, has an anti-cancer effect!

For prevention and improvement of symptoms peculiar to females!

Also, lignan have the function of regulating female hormones and are effective in preventing and alleviating menopausal symptoms and PMS, which are symptoms peculiar to females!

3. How to use Flaxseed oil

The high-quality oil extracted by cold pressing has a walnut-like astringency and is surprisingly compatible with any dish!

But heating is prohibited!

Please note that flaxseed oil, which accounts for more than 50% of α-linolenic acid, is easily oxidized and weak against heat, so it is not suitable for cooking!

・With salad as dressing

It is recommended to make a dressing using flaxseed oil, but it is easy to mix it with the dressing you have at home!

・Sprinkle on dishes

It can't be heated, but it's OK to dishes.

It goes well with Japanese food, soup and miso soup. Especially my recommendation is to mix it with natto ^ ^

You can eat all the precious oil, and it is easy to eat even for those who are not good at the astringency of flaxseed oil!

・For smoothies and fresh juices

This is especially recommended for the first meal of the day!

It is highly recommended to put vegetable and fruit enzymes and dietary fiber first when you are hungry. Adding flaxseed oil to it will increase your satisfaction and prevent you from overeating afterwards!

4. Notes

As I mentioned above, flaxseed oil is heat-sensitive and easily oxidizes.

So heating is prohibited. Also, refrigerate after opening and use up within 1 month, at the longest, 2 months!

With the popularity of oil in recent years, flaxseed oil has come to be found in supermarkets.

Just be careful, don't buy flaxseed oil that is too cheap!

Specifically, those in plastic bottles, those with non-light-shielding bottles, those from too major manufacturers, etc.

Since these oils are mass-produced with a focus on cost rather than quality, they are dangerous due to deterioration of the oil and problems with the extraction method!

The oil you bought for your health shouldn't make you unhealthy, so be careful about the quality of the oil!

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